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How to customize the header

If you need to customize the menu in Sharp Look without affecting other portals you can do it on the page in Design mode > click on Edit Header > expand the More Styles box and type your CSS there.  For example, if I need to modify the position of the menu options and shift it more to the left, I can type:

How to set up a link which, when clicked, will scroll down to the next row

To do this, just create a link to the same page and append the the ID of the row as URL fragment. For example, /mypage.aspx#dnn_slkRow24.

How to customize the Login and Registration pages

In a JS file add the following code:


_.each($('.slk-login-register'), function(x){$(x).find('a:first').attr('href', '/login_link')});

_.each($('.slk-login-register'), function(x){$(x).find('a:nth-child(2)').attr('href', '/register_link')});


and upload it in Design Mode. Replace /login_link si /register_link with your desired links.